Purchasing office furniture is a multi-faceted process that can be a challenge. It takes careful planning and organization to achieve excellence. That’s true of all the projects we handle. We work directly with the client in managing the entire process efficiently and effectively, partnering with ideally matched and technically innovative global brands and carefully selected professional technicians and design houses.

The ChairProject difference begins with our commitment to provide exceptional customer service and build lasting client relationships. Our dedicated Project Manager will offer a full array of development services, including:


• Responding to service requests as-needed

• Understanding the project goals

• Creating a consistent communications plan and on-time project status

• Coordinating schedules and staying involved with the manufacturing process

• Furniture Specifications and 2D layout drawings.

• CAD design. Virtual Reality visualizations

• Completing projects in a timely manner and with minimum disruptions to your work.

• Reconciling project expenses and responding to any billing inquiries

• Verifying that the most accurate and detailed information is provided for the timely processing of payments

• We provide the same attention to detail, no matter the size of your project.



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